Liasoft Cybersecurity Agency


Liasoft offers services and products in the areas of security and DRM for mobile and stationary systems.

Binary Analyses

We analyze your binaries and present you its weakness. We tell you what others reverse engineers and hackers can do and how to prevent that.

What do you get?

  • A detailed report about vulnerabilities in your software/product/game.
  • A video chat with developers to talk about issues and how to fix them.

If you have already tried to make your product more secure, we are happy to take the challenge to break it and tell you if it's good or not.

Network Analyses

Do you think your network protocol or communication to your backend services is secure?

Well, we don't.

Exploiting and sending malformed network messages is a serious issue in the software and game industry. Starting at popular mobile games where exploits are serious money-makers in the RMT industry and ends with insecure banking apps.

  • We test and exploit your products and tell you what's going wrong.

Data Mining

You have data in your product?

We dump and extract it.

It doesn't matter if it is a custom file format, encrypted or not. Our failure rate at dumping and extracting useful data of products and games tends to be zero.

  • Let us ensure your client data is protected.



When your product is living in the C/C++ land with a modern compiler we can offer a high-value source code obfuscation product that makes most reverse engineeres to stop reversing your product.

  • Hiding strings at compile time
  • Hiding primitive data such as values at compile time
  • Hiding critical code in a random virtual machine

Our obfuscation solution is unique in the market and a serious game-changer. Common reverse engineering tools doesn't know how to interpret the code that it faces during analyses and that's all produced by your compiler - using a header-only library.


Combined with our obfuscation we offer a unique solution to make reverse engineering and debugging a pain.

  • Anti-Debugging for any platform.
  • Anti Code Execution